Civil and Criminal Cases Filed by Other Entities

The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (Bureau) is required to post all pending or final civil or criminal cases filed by the Attorney General, a city attorney, or a district attorney in this state, or filed in any state by an attorney general or a federal regulatory or prosecutorial agency if the case would be actionable under California or federal law of which the Bureau has received notice. While the Bureau believes the information available on this page to be reliable, human or mechanical error remain a possibility, as does possible delay in the posting or updating of information. Therefore, the Bureau makes no guarantee as to the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, currency or correct sequencing of the information

Neither the California Department of Consumer Affairs, the Bureau nor any of the sources of information shall be responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the use or results obtained from the use of this information. Please contact the Bureau by mail, e-mail, telephone or fax if you find any inaccuracies.

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Alliance School of Trucking
Institution Code: 90919933
Emmitt Marshall, Owner
Criminal Action Taken


Business and Insurance School (formerly Cyber Insurance School)
Institution Code: 64494378
Ryan Bridges, CEO/Director (AKA: Ryan A. Nassbridges, Ryan Nasserabadi)
Federal Civil Action Taken


California Premiere College
Institution Code: 3006811
Technologic Institute of Southern California, Owner
Criminal Action Taken

Career Advancement Solutions
Institution Code: 25448282
Virgilio Abad, Owner
Criminal Action Taken
PC23 Order

Computer Institute of Technology
Institution Code: 1936371
Rene Aguero, Owner Abad, Owner
Criminal Action Taken
PC23 Order Against Rene Carlos Aguero, 100% Owner


GDS Institute
Institution Code: 1922081
Graduates Do Succeed, Inc., Owner
Criminal Action Taken (Los Angeles District Attorney)
Criminal Action Taken (Orange County District Attorney)
PC23 Order Against Salvador Franco, Jr., 20% Owner


Modesto Technical College
Institution Code: 5001251
Workforce Training, Inc. (Larry Qualls 100%), Owner
Criminal Action Taken
PC23 Order Against Lawrence David Qualls


Video Symphony
Institution Code: 1929841
Video Symphony Enter Training, Inc., Owner
Civil Action Taken