A transcript is an official report supplied by a school on the record of an individual student, listing subjects studied, grades received, dates of attendance, and any other information deemed important by the school.

Under prior law and regulations, non degree granting schools were required to maintain records for five years. Degree granting schools were required to maintain transcripts for 50 years.

If schools closed they were obligated to provide a custodian of records – someone a student could contact to obtain a copy of their transcript.

If you are requesting records from a custodian of records, it is recommended that you provide as much information to the custodian of records as possible. You may wish to use the "Transcript Request" form for this purpose but it is not required.

If you do not find your school on the listed under the Custodian of Records link and you believe your transcripts have not been destroyed you may request information regarding the custodian of record from by sending an email to Please include as much information about the school as possible.